BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Asset management for Water Works

For the sustainable asset management we provide economic and technical advice with the following services:

  • Overall assessment of the economic situation and effectiveness analysis of the company.
  • The financially actual realized income, operation costs occur in connection with the operation and assets of the company, analysis of liquidity.
  • Analysis of the cost structure (production costs, indirect costs, direct costs).
  • Exanimating and evaluating of conformity of the water utility asset value.
  • Rate of renovations and reconstructions, analysis of replacement funds.
  • Examination the asset registration system of the company.

The audits also aim to assist the organization – with proposals - in the conversion to effective operational and functional model.


For certain decisions it is required to determine the goodwill of service provider. In recent years, we made company valuation in addition to screening many smaller and larger services. Our engineers, technical designers and economists with asset evaluation rights contributed to these projects.

Company valuation in a multi-criteria approach:

Determination of the company's asset-based company value, based on

  • all of the balance sheet assets and sources,
  • assets and sources held by the company.

Determination of the company’s results-based value, based on

  • the overview covering the economic results in recent years.

Yield-based valuation:

  • taking into account realistically achievable, future revenue opportunities and expenses.