BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Rolling development planning

The purpose of a complex rolling development planning is the establishment and long-term support of a water utility system operation, which serves the drinking water supply and wastewater drainage and treatment.


To this effect, we are conducting many complex investigations for example, water demand and water loss analysis, error statistics evaluations, analysis for energy efficiency, technical and functional status assessments. After these investigations we try to provide a solution for technical and operational problems, so besides the growth of the operation safety can reduce the operational and replacement costs.


We develop our design methodologies continuously. The rolling development planning (RDP) methodology aims are the following points:

  1. Implementation of the tasks defined in the laws, making fast a grounded rolling development plan output table.
  2. Making a registration system/platform for service providers, that is suitable for establish a rolling development plan database quickly and efficiently, supports the effective decision-preparation, enables thematic, graphic and other cartographic visualizations.
  3. Create a design methodology and software for the water industry, which includes the support of rolling development planning.




Processing the experiences from professional references, our goal is that the rolling development planning will be efficient and reliable. Within the framework of a pilot project, preparing a complete study, which give a basis for a rolling development plan of a water supply and sewage drainage and cleaning system. The experiences that gained from the study, were presented at many professional conferences.