BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Scientific integrity

We take part in university education and training in the field of water and environmental engineering as well as Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculation, Life-Cycle costing, professional trainings.


Our trainers had been qualified in abroad are active in international courses too in

  • Corvinus University, Budapest

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Szent István University

  • College of Baja

and they are successfully deliver one or several day long water-related seminars, presentations

In addition in the last two years our professional colleagues have been invited by leading organizations to participate in important technical event and deliver speech about DCC and LCC:

  • EWA Spring Days Water Conference 4-6 March, 2016

  • The new public procurement law – conference of the Public Procurement Authority, 11 November, 2015
  • ERRA Water Training Budapest, 7-11 March 2016