BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Rain water management

Nowadays frequent environmental problem is caused by the changing, increasing nature of heavy rainfalls, parallel occurring with continuous urbanization. In urban environments the rate of the covered surfaces has grown drastically in the previous decades. Unlike natural, green surfaces, impervious surface prevents rain infiltration to the soil, resulting in increased volume of runoff water. The lack of proper stormwater management can lead to several problems, both quantitative and qualitative ways. Flooding, overloading the existing rainwater collection, and sewer systems might occur. Besides the high sediment load, urban runoff waters can carry lots of other pollutants, for example: oils, heavy metals, fertilizers, PAHs, endangering recipient water bodies.

We believe that rain water is one of our most important natural treasures. The collection, cleaning, storage and re-use of rain water contribute to one of our most important targets: the preservation of the quality and quantity of our precious waters.

In this spirit, we prepare civil; mechanical; electrical and control engineering plans for stormwater management projects and their engineering facilities, stormwater drainage and management plans for industrial parks, highways and other major investments.

We provide a full range of services from stormwater management concept plans for municipalities and river basins, to the management of the implementation of the project. It is important for us to recycle rainwater, and to reuse it for irrigation and for fire water systems if possible.

Our innovative, patented solutions in the field of stormwater management are exceptional. In addition to the products, the installation methods are also environment-friendly, economical and efficient.

We are proud to have designed several pre-treatment facilities during which we were able to develop our own range of devices and equipment that have been installed and successfully operational.



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