BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.


Improvement of sewer system in Szentendre and it’s agglomeration


Some parts of Szentendre, Tahitótfalu, Leányfalu, Horány and Surány settlements lacked canalization, so the design and execution of several new wastewater sub-systems was required, in order to ensure the protection of the nearby drinking water sources, and sensitive areas.


BDL Ltd. was responsible for preparing the permitting and detailed construction planning phase as well, besides we’ve been supporting the authorization procedure too.


The implemented concept included altogether 51,345 km gravity pipe, 14,955 km pressure pipe, 41 pumping stations. As a result an estimated m3/d hydraulic, and 10 119 PE biological load was transmitted to the regional wastewater treatment plant in Szentendre. In order to handle the increased load, the existing WWTP capacity should have been extended, and BDL was awarded with this project as well.



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