BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Gyomaendrőd wastewater treatment plant

Category: municipal wastewater treatment

Hydraulic capacity: Q = 1.850 m3/d

Biological load: 16 846 PE


The existing, obsolete wastewater treatment plant could not provide an acceptable reduction of pollutants, so an EU co-financed project was started in order to design and construct a new technology, which securely fulfills all water quality requirements. The technology includes: mechanical treatment (fine screens, aerated grease and sand removal), BIOCOS type aerobe activated sludge treatment, with chemical dosing (additional phosphorous removal). The BIOCOS (BIOlogical COmbined System) technology unites the advantages of the „classical” continuous flow activated sludge processes and the SBR technologies, providing flexible operational conditions.

The excess sludge is thickened gravitationally, and it gets further dehydrated with sludge-centrifuges, up to 22% TS.

The six month long trial period was closed successfully.


The wastewater discharge regulations, and the trial period results are the following:


  discharge limit trial period results  
KOIkr 75 75 > g/m3
BOI5 25 25 > g/m3
Total-N 35 35 > g/m3
Total inorganic-N 30 30 > g/m3
Total-P 5 5 > g/m3
TSS 35 10 > g/m3
NH3-NH4-N 10 1 > g/m3


BIOCOS.jpg DSCF6163.jpg IMG_3478.jpg P5290102k.jpg gepi_racs_es_homokfogo_berendezes.jpg