BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Hungary, Dunafin Kft., Industrial wastewater treatment

The management of the Dunafin paper manufacturer company decided to implement a new industrial wastewater treatment plant with the hidraulical capacity of 5600 m3/d. The design was carried out with cooperation of the technology supplier MConsult GmbH. The raw water gets through a rough screen and a buffer. After pH adjustment the water flows to a flotation unit. The warm wastewater is cooled down with the aid of a heat exchanger and the mechanically treated wastewater arrives to a biological basin equipped with surface aeration system. The suspended solids and the cleaned water are separated in a sedimentation basin. The cleaned water will be led to the Danube, and the excess sludge will be ready for composting after dehydration with a belt press. The authorization plan has been delivered, and the detailed construction planning is underway.